Now What Then

by Silver White Lights

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Basic recording was finished on one slightly chilly day in February 2012. What took so long for this EP to be released? Well we just had to wait for that fall release date. After the summer festivals and before the Christmas rush. What? No. Com'on. It just took that fucking long, aight.
This is the first collaborative effort for songwriters Phil Knox (Guitars) and Jamison Acker (Vocals) have compiled together. Silver White Lights was switched on at the end of 2011, when Knox and Acker wanted to just "write a few tunes". As most bands should begin they wanted to find the most kick ass rhythm section available. Enter John Gagen (Bass) and Mike Ortiz (Expletives) a new a placenta covered band was born.

Recorded at Minbal Studios - Chicago IL 2/2012
Engineered and Mixed by - Colin Sipos
Mastered by: Carl Saff
Cover Photography by: Ryan Speers


released October 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Silver White Lights Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: You Lose
Your gonna lose it all
Your gonna break it all
You'd better push it through the fire

We're gonna tease it all
And then we'll steal it all
I'm gonna push it all aside

And you don't have to be cruel
And you don't have to be wise
To live to live in this life

Your gonna write your check
Your gonna make the best
Effort till the end of your life

And you might see your should
You love to breathe it all
Through the dust and through the lies

And you don't have to be wise
And you don't have to be kind
To make it through the hours of your life

And you might tell it all
You better take it all
Is that any way to fight

He might waste it all
She might bet it all
I may push it through the fire
Track Name: Reach Forward
Repeat a silly look they are taking chances
I know you'll always look to me for romancing

Run down, you are always my kill or borrow
I say, you will peel away the faith and glory
Glory, Glory, Glory

When you are sitting down for it
Explore it let it in
Why don't you reach forward
Coming to the edge

Look back we took it all is an understatement
Crazed eyes fueled cheap thoughts of succeeding
Seth speaks an itsy bitsy allegory
Brushed off, Im always first to say I'm sorry
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry


For I'm calm
Your ships in the seas
Port for the storm
Right into me then
Give us tonight Im saying please

Track Name: Postcard
Do you feel lonely in your sleep
Well could I ask you if you'd let me speak
Is it that you are afraid of happiness

You ever been needy or deprived
Or had all the things that you wanted in life
What do you need anyway when you've got it all

Slow down your stuck between two minds
Settle for middle or weather your time
Mail in your last requests on a picture postcard

The mask on you did it start to slip?
Said that it never seemed like it fit
Your smile is a frown that you wear for the comedy

Said that you better begin
Looking for something to throw yourself in
Maybe the sea if you carry that weight around

Track Name: Keep an Eye Out
Keep an eye in an awkward frown
Your last steps forward in a backward town
Were the first of many maneuverersto hear you laugh

A troubadour of some wicked tales
Nights so long and the days that follow
Into the nice and easy without a warning

Here it comes
Slipping down the icy road
Sorry but the devil oughta
Told you wake up, everything is a lie

Leave your shoes at the door and creep in slow
The time that you lose is the past tomorrow
Stand by the road waiting for a trip to take you

Swinging low when your mind is high
Shoot your soul down the telephone line


All your thoughts rain down on it
You and us and everything
The time you waste will be your friend
If your ready to pretend
Rub the past down off the wall
You will follow your own call
Til you see the septic sun
Feed its way on everyone and all
Track Name: Now What Then
It's a travesty to even think for one moment you were there
Flicking through the final chapter
Making plans for a secret little getaway

Tangled knots of discourse as the wind twisted her hair
Oh my god you make it look so fucking easy
How'd you do it, to yourself

Who are you
To tell my tale
Some kind of profit
Sent down its no good to me

Wrote down all the reasons in a message to her heart
Tried to muster some foundation, as to when, it fell apart
A endless fascination for the coldness of her mind
Found it in a lonely corner
Sat down on the floor
And watched you
Watched you cry

Who are you
To tell my tale
some kind of profit
sent down, no good
In your head, the world keeps spinning
she said
'There's no more hope for me'